In January 2021 we re-designed our bars to incorporate slide out storage underneath the prep counter to push the limits our space saving design. With this addition, you won’t find a portable bar more compact and with more usable space and functionality than ours!

Slide Out Storage Highlights

  • 48, 62 and 77 bars now include one slide out shelf, with ice bin, as a standard feature.
  • Folds into the bar seamlessly and does not need to be removed. (except the ice bin)
  • Soft closing drawer slides with 80 lb capacity.

Uses for the slide out storage / shelf

  • Ice bin – Normally the ice bin replaces a prep counter panel. By using the slide out storage, you save valuable space on the prep counter. Keep in mind the shelf is fairly low so this may not be ideal if you use ice for every drink.
  • Additional beverage storage – The included ice bin will accommodate roughly 24 cans and 18-20 bottles.
  • Waste – You can use the ice bin as a waste basket or, with an optional panel, you can put a full size trash can in
  • Shelf – Gain additional workspace with an optional flat panel. The shelf is also the exact size of an 18″ x 12″ bar mat.
  • Speed Rail – Put bottles towards the front of the included ice bin or use a 1/4 hotel panel as a divider while leaving the shelf sticking out and you’ve got speed rail-like functionality with additional storage behind.

Common Questions

Can the shelf be removed?
Yes. The slide out portion of the shelf can be removed just like a cabinet drawer can without tools.
The outer frame of the shelf is bolted to the bar. It can be removed, but there really isn’t any reason to.

Does the shelf need to be removed to fold the bar?
Nope! Only the ice bin or the insert panel being used. Flat panels can technically stay in, but they may come out during transport.

Can I use the shelves with a speed rail?
Yes. The standard included shelf is always on the left. Speed rails, if added, are on the right for a 48 bar and in the middle for the 62 & 77 bars.
48 Bar – 2 Shelves w/o Speed Rail or 1 Shelf & Speed Rail
62 Bar – 3 Shelves w/o Speed Rail or 2 Shelves (Left / Right) w/ middle speed rail
77 Bar – 4 Shelves w/o Speed Rail or 2 Shelves (Left / Right) w/ middle speed rail
Note: You can add more shelves with the speed rail, but the shelves behind the speed rail will not open. Speed rails can be easily removed should you want to use the shelves instead of speed rail for certain events.

What if I want an ice bin but I want to put it in the prep counter instead? Do I need to buy another one?
No. You can use the included ice bin for the shelf in the prep area instead.
However, you need to specify when you order that you need a prep panel with an ice bin cut out instead of a standard flat prep panel.
Or, you can purchase an additional ice bin prep panel here which will be in addition to the standard flat panels included with your bar.
You will also want to order one of the available shelf insert panels. Otherwise the slide out shelf won’t be useable.

Can I use an ice bin on the prep area over top of a shelf?
Yes and no. Top ice bins can still be used over a shelf, but the sliding portion of the shelf must be removed. Example

Can you make custom panels for the shelves to allow something specific to fit in?
Yep! Just let us know the dimensions / shape of the hole you need.

Can you make the shelf a custom size?
The shelf length can be increased but the depth cannot be over 20″.
Minimum order of 3 bars (any size combination)

How much weight do the shelves add to the bar?
6lbs each. The shelf hardware is heavy duty.

Can the storage be added to the bar(s) I bought previously?
Unfortunately no. We had to make a number of changes to the bar’s design in order to make everything work. It’s not an attempt to get you to ‘upgrade.’ It just won’t fit.

Why didn’t someone think of this years ago?
Good question!