Based in North Carolina and founded in 2004, Customized Designs was the first company to offer LED lighted liquor displays and have since expanded into the fabrication of a wide variety of LED lighted products.

Largely due to our innovative designs, quality craftsmanship and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, we are now the largest manufacturer of illuminated furniture, liquor displays, portable bars and many other LED lighted products in the U.S.

All of our products are built to order and custom made which means virtually any aspect of our creations can be altered to meet our customer’s specific needs.

If you have any questions whatsoever please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our Story

2004 - The First Liquor Display

In late 2004, the owner made his first lighted liquor display just for fun. It wasn't a work of art but after seeing the response from his friends and co-workers, and given that nothing else like it existed yet, he decided to improve the design and make more in his garage to sell on eBay part time.

2005 - CustomizedDesigns.net Created

eBay sales had taken off but he wanted a way to give customers options to customize their displays with different colors and lighting. This was before platforms like Shopify existed so he created a website with a unique interactive builder to allow for customizations online.

2007 - Out Of The Garage

Sales were growing exponentially and the owner with his two employees had outgrown the garage, living room and kitchen so we moved into a 1200 sq ft shop in Denver. It was bit of a basement dungeon but it allowed for enough space to expand with more advanced machinery & tools.

2008 - LED Furniture

In 2008, nothing like LED Furniture was available (at least online) Definitely nothing that could be customized. So, we began designing a number of led tables. Most of which we still make today.

2009 - Wall Mounted LED Shelving

Much like led furniture and displays before it, wall mounted led shelving was simply not a thing. Edge lighting glass or acrylic was not a new idea but making a system that allowed for custom lengths while also being easy enough for anyone to install is something we are proud to say we made possible.
Since it's inception, we've come up with many new variations on the original idea and it continues to be a hugely popular product more than a decade later.

2010 - New Location & Expansion

We had outgrown our 1200 sq ft shop and relocated to a new 4200 sq ft location. This one was far less dungeon-like and we even had a fancy showroom.

2011 - Portable Bars

After many customer requests, we decided to design and begin production of portable bars. Our initial versions were all steel and quite heavy.

2012 - Expanding

With the addition of portable bars and other new products, we quickly outgrew our new space and expanded with another unit doubling our square footage.

2013 - Element Modular LED Furniture

After years of making LED furniture for event and rental companies, we set out to design led tables that were more easily transported and stored between events. After many different attempts, we designed and patented the Element Modular Furniture System.

2013 - Portable Bar Redesign

Lighted Portable Bar for Events

With the Element Modular Furniture being so well received, we decided to revamp our portable bars based on the modular design and construction of the Element furniture series.
Lighter, more functional and more versatile than our previous steel version, our new portable bars are now being used by thousands of restaurants, bars, hotels, event companies and mobile bartenders across the globe.

2015 - Expanding Again

We take over another unit at our Denver location warehouse to make room for additional equipment and staff.

2015 - 2018 - More Products & More Innovation

We're always adding new products and improving our existing ones but we kicked it into high gear around this time by adding a number of new products like wall displays, lighted pictures, new metal furniture designs, new liquor display designs and more. We also added new printing technology that allowed for us expand branding on many of our products.

2019 - Portablebar.com Launched

After years of improvements and adding additional options/features to our Portable Bar line, we decided it had outgrown our main site and deserved it's own home with plenty of room to expand and grow.

2019 - Relocation to North Carolina

After operating in Denver, Colorado for 15 years, we decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to our new facility in Troutman, North Carolina.

Our new 26,000 sq ft home should allow for plenty of room to grow so we can continue providing new and unique LED lighted products for another 15+ years.

2020 - Bar-Rental.com Launched

In December 2020 we created Bar-Rental.com in order to help many of our portable bar customers struggling during the COVID-19 shutdowns.