Portable Bar FAQ


Where are your bars made?

  • Like all of our products, our portable bars are made at our facility in North Carolina.
  • We do not import any of our products or outsource any aspect of production.
  • None of our competitors manufacture their bars 100% start to finish and some simply import them China. This is why we are able to offer our bars at significantly lower costs.

62" Portable Bar
62 Portable Bar w/ Speed Rail & Ice Bin

What is the lead time?

  • All of our bars are custom made and built to order specifically for you. This means that leads times will vary depending on our current workload.
  • It can take as little as one week or over a month depending on demand. We recommend you contact us for current lead time estimates.

Can these mobile bars be used outside?

  • Yes and no. They can be used outside on a temporary basis and will not be irreparably damaged by a storm crashing your wedding or event. However, they should not be left outside uncovered long term.
  • Our protective covers are water resistant so if you plan on using your portable bar outside, we recommend ordering a cover to keep it protected when it’s not being used.

Can portable bars be battery operated?

  • Yes. Battery life will vary greatly depending on the size of the bar and the color of LED lighting you’re using. We recommend purchasing two batteries for longer events. Find out more about battery life on the Battery & Charger page.

Are your portable bars NSF rated?

  • The bars themselves are not. However, the prep counter is made of HDPE cutting board material which is NSF rated.

Is the stainless steel speed rail removable?

  • Yes but it folds into the bar so there is no need to remove it unless you don’t plan on using it any longer.

What happens if I break an acrylic panel?

  • All of the acrylic panels are removable and can be replaced if needed. The side panels are universal throughout the entire portable bar series (excluding mini bars) while the fronts will only fit that specific bar.

Are the cutting boards dishwasher safe?

  • No. Although the cutting boards/prep panels are chemically resistant, they may warp due to the heat of a dishwasher.

Can the dimensions of your mobile bars be customized?

  • Due to the modular nature of all of the components for our bars, the dimensions of our bars cannot be modified. Exceptions can be made for high quantity custom orders.