Don’t have a graphic yet? No problem! We can help you make one or you can choose from millions of stock graphics for free! See below the form for details.

Note: When submitting logos like sports teams and liquor brands, please provide details as to which version of their logo you prefer.

Upload a Logo

•Artwork Requirements: The quality of the artwork you provide us will ultimately determine the quality of the final product.
•We strongly recommend you provide us with either vector based graphics or high-resolution JPEGS for optimal results.

Text Logo

•If you don’t have a logo and only want a phrase with a specific font, please enter the details below.
•If you’re unsure of the font you want you can use a word processing program (MS Word) to preview different fonts.
•Additionally, you can visit font websites like Dafont.com to choose a font.



Don’t have a graphic or logo? No problem! We offer free stock graphics with the purchase of any of our products.

How it works

  • You can choose any graphic or image from DepositPhotos.com for use with your bar shelving, portable bar, led sign or anything else.
  • Provide us with the image ID of the graphic(s) you choose. Click here to see how to find the image ID.
  • We will provide you with a mockup of your graphics as well as provide you with the original full-size stock graphic for you to use elsewhere.
  • Note: We require your order be placed and paid for before we will purchase graphics for your project. If you need a mockup before placing your order, it will be done with the low-resolution preview first.

Photos Vs. Vectors

  • Photos are images that cannot be edited or altered outside of being cropped/resized to fit your product.
  • Vectors are illustrations that can be altered in virtually every possible way. See example

Black Vs. White Background

  • When choosing photos (non-vector illustrations) be sure to choose images with backgrounds that are compatible with your product.
  • For example: If you are purchasing a portable bar and are looking for an image of a martini glass, be sure you pick a martini glass that matches the background color you intend on putting on the bar. This martini glass would not work on a black background and this martini glass would not work on a white background.


  • Many vector illustrations have text or phrases in them. This text can be removed or changed. However, it cannot be changed to match the original font used in the illustration.
  • For example, the text in these graphics could not be changed using the same font because it is not included with the graphic and we don’t know what font those are.
  • In this case, you’d need to choose an alternate font from Dafont.com.

Need Help?

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about graphic selection. We’re here to help!