How Our Portable Bar Graphics React to LED Lighting

One of the most common questions we get when it comes to our portable bars is “What will my logo look like when its lighted?” It’s a good question but one that is hard to answer because everyone’s graphic is different and can vary wildly depending on the colors in the logo itself and the color of the LED lighting.

LED Lighted Portable Bar - 62
62 LED Lighted Portable Bar

White Lighting

One thing that is always true, regardless of the color of the logo, is that it will only display it’s true original colors with the LED lighting set to white. This happens for the obvious reasons. It’d be like printing your logo on purple paper and expecting it to look like it does on white paper. So, if you’ve got a color logo and want it to look exactly like the original, you will most likely be required to use it on white all the time.

 Color Lighting & Color Changing Modes

The drawback of using colors with printed graphics is that it won’t look like the original artwork. However, this can actually be a feature as well. Because different colors of ink react differently to different color lighting, it can produce some very cool effects with very colorful graphics. In some case with higher speed color changing modes, it can actually give the illusion that the details of the graphic are moving. The best example of we have of this can be seen in the video below.

Past Banding Color Comparisons

Below are a few graphics we’ve done recently on portable bars with full color branding. We’ve taken pictures of the graphics set on different colors to display how they look with different color lighting in comparison with the original artwork.